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Zoe Holloway

Zoe Holloway Zoe Holloway
Zoe Holloway @
Being a therapist isn’t the easiest thing in the world. The nutcases that walk in my door nearly drive me to gulp. If they’re not complaining about their lives then they’re bitching about my rates. Flash Brown came to my office to vent about his life. I was totally ignoring him since I was imaging the things her could do to me. I set professionalism aside for my womanly needs. I risked losing my license when I laid on some enormous duty flirting which he took very well. That ladies man seemed shocked but knew that momma was in control of the situation. I slid his pants down and saw a darksome rod that was wonderful and enormous. Wrapping my lips around it proved challenging but I managed to slurp him down until his nuts hit my chin. Since this chab paid for the full 60 minutes I let him bend me over and pulverize my muff until I got precious and sticky.I had to brace myself for a black jock that impaled me the entire time. This youthful black meat knew its way around an adept cougar and I knew his testicles couldn’t hold back much further. My colleagues constantly brag about how fantastic interracial sex can be. If merely I could see that all my patients were dark-skinned guys then I would do some additional sessions work…pro bono!
Zoe Holloway Zoe Holloway
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