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Wing Span

Wing Span

Wing Span

Welcome back, Brie. What have you been up to since we final saw u in the March ’12 issue?
“I’ve been going to school and having fun when I can. I am still working at the same store that I said u about final time. And you know what’s happened? I hooked up with one of the managers there! Now he always puts me on the closing shift so that we can bonk all over the store when it is empty

How did u end up fooling around with your store manager?
“We were always flirty but it wasn’t ever anything serious. We’d talk about sex ram, and one day we actually got into it. We were ranting and saying what we adore and what we do not love in couch. I guess we were both just feeling each other that day. So that smooth operator told me that one thing that charmer actually likes is when a angel has larger than run of the mill pink flaps. I do not know what got into me, but I told him I had large cunt lips and I would be happy to flaunt him if this charmer stuck around till closing. This chap did stay,
and the rest is history.”

What was his reaction when he saw your bigger in size than run of the mill pink flaps?

“He started practically drooling! This chab said me they were worthwhile and asked me if this gent could touch ’em. Certainly I told yeah! He started playing with my pink flaps and widening them out. That buck stretched them out and said me I had nice wing span, and we both started cracking up. It was worthwhile coz even though it was the 1st time, I felt so comfortable letting him explore my snatch.”

We wager the sex was great, right?
“Yeah, it was indeed worthy. Like, really nice. Probably some of the foremost sex I’ve ever had. And usually the first time with anybody isn’t that worthy, but he knew just what to do. We were absolutely in sync, and we even came at the same time! Now plan to work is so much more enjoyment.”

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