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Trinity Rae – Christmas Cunny

Christmas Cunny

Christmas Cunny

Trinity likes rod and snatch!
It’s Christmastime, and the supreme gift for Trinity would be a trio with a lady-killer and a girl. “I’ve had a trio with gals previous to, now I’d like to try one with a ladies man and a goddess. I like to eat pussy and to ride meat-thermometer, so it’s my fantasy to be between a hot lad and goddess.”

What’s the superlatively valuable Christmas gift you ever got?
“My 1st ever fake penis. I still have it and use it all the time. It’s waterproof so I take it in the shower with me a lot. It is quiet so no one hears me, doesn’t use up batteries too fast, it is made of this precious, squashy rubber material and it has an additional nub for my clit. I always turn it up on high and go to town on my snatch. That thing gives me great cums!”

Are you the kind of girl who likes to take control during sex?
“I would say that I am more pliant. People think that I am more masterful in couch than I truly am coz I am loud and kind of out there. But indeed, I wish anybody who is gonna spank me and put me in my place. I love a petticoat chaser who lays the cock down and tells me what to do and how to do it. It makes me feel fine to please other people, too. That’s why I like to suck bigger in size than typical cocks and eat a lot of vagina.”

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