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Trimmed Teen

Trimmed Legal age teenager

Trimmed Teen

Hey, Fendy. We like your pubes.

“Thanks. I suppose the way I have it’s a worthy compromise betwixt a bush and being absolutely hairless. I don’t wanna have a jungle down there, but I do not crave the trouble of shaving daily. So this works.”

We get the feeling you’re not a virgin.

“That’s cuz I am not. I have had sex with lads and beauties. Three bucks and 2 girls to be specific. I’m a very carnal person and I adore to cum. I feel I’m a little bit of a pervert cuz I love to masturbate in front of the mirror.”

Why do u think that playing with yourself in front of the mirror is vicious?

“I guess coz I indeed love to view my pussy and watch how it looks when I finger it or put a toy in it. I adore to watch. If I am having sex I adore to be in front of a mirror, likewise. I would likewise adore to spy on other people having sex. It makes me feel love I’m doing smth nasty. Love it’s smth that I shouldn’t be doing, but it turns me on so much that I cant aid it. So does that make me a pervert?”

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