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The Things Girls Do For Money

The Things Girls Do For Specie

The Things Gals Do For Money

“I identified this flyer on campus looking for entertainers. I wasn’t sure what to wait when I got there, but all they wanted me to do was hula-hoop. I figured it would be facile enough. So I put on this skimpy little outfit and showed ’em what I could do. But then they wanted me to get undressed. I was little unsure at first, but then one of the boys there completely hung the hula-hoop on his hardon. It was larger than typical! After seeing that the merely thing I could think about was if his boner tasted as nice as it looked. Well it did, and it felt even better in my wet crack! And not only was the sex great, but they paid me for my services likewise. I must go to more audition adore this one.”

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