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Teanna Trump

Teanna Trump Teanna Trump
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Teanna Trump and her charmer are having a guest abode brawny on their property, and they’ve hired Lockwood & Associates to build it. The worthwhile news? The work crew are ahead of schedule and below budget. The bad news? Teanna and her gent did not get the loan they had hoped for, so they’re back out trying to secure some other one. How are the men going to get paid in the meantime? To be honest, Teanna’s not sure…and since her man is without town on business, no one’s there to have her back. She’s all alone with a 9-man work staff, all of them envisaging their pay check. What’s a goddess to do? Suggest up her face hole, for starters. For some, that might be enough…but not for Lockwood & Associates. They desire some cunt, likewise. And after that, Teanna is either going to have her face blasted or drink! Cause that is how Lockwood’s employees rolls.
Teanna Trump Teanna Trump
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