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Sydney Cross – Wide-Open Cunny

Wide-Open Cunny

Wide-Open Cunny

Sydney, so cheerful you are back! Any good sex stories to tell us?
“Yeah! I not long ago went to Busch Gardens with some allies, and this one boy and I had total chemistry. We wound up sneaking off to one of the photo booths. Since I was wearing a skirt, I sat in his lap while that petticoat chaser screwed me. We even took pics!”

And no one noticed?
“We picked the ideal time! It was already late and the fireworks display had just started so everybody was looking up during the time that we were getting down.”

Sounds love valuable timing. Where did he cum?
“After I came on his cock, I hopped off and started sucking him off. I wanted to smack my girl-cum all over him. That charmer got indeed turned on by that, I think his strapon got even harder. That gent tilted my head back and started jacking off into my throat until this buck was about to cum. Then I took him deep in the back of my throat and swallowed his cream.”

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