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Shower Sex

Shower Sex

Shower Sex

Welcome back, Anna. Is the shower your beloved place to acquire your groove on?
“I don’t know if it is my prefered place, but I do love it a lot. It is a wonderful change from the couch, and feeling the sexy water trickling down your back while a meat-thermometer is sliding in and with out u is so sexy. I adore the lad to lather up my body with soap and rubdown my mangos and a-hole. And in the shower you don’t acquire to worry about anyone being impure! I even love shower sex more than rogering in a pool or a hot tub or in the ocean. It feels more nice for me when I am not underwater.”

And it is easier to clean sex juices when you’re in the shower.
“Yes! I don’t have to worry about a petticoat chaser cumming in my hair coz I can wash it out right there! Normally I adore to swallow cum, but when I am in the shower I let the lad blow his load on my face.”

Why do u normally love to drink cum? Does it smack fine?
“It depends on the chap, but usually it tastes nice. Some guys’ cum tastes also salty or sour, and I will spit that out. But that hasn’t happened too many times. But with the good-tasting cum, if it’s already in my mouth I feel like I might as well swallow it. Not that I don’t relish it, though. Sometimes I love to make little spit bubbles with it and be a nasty cum doxy previous to I drink.”

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