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September Reign

September Reign September Reign
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Ever been to one of those creepy "viewing booths" in a seedy adult bookstore? U probably know about ’em. September Reign does. In fact, she had just serviced a "random" fellow at her favorite store, and instead of throwing her hot outfit back on and leaving, she’s done smth risky. Something some of us might consider dangerous. Out of putting her hot raiment back on, September spreads the door to her booth…and walks back to her chair, takes a seat, and starts to masturbate. Sure, she’s masturbating to the clip on the TV, but she’s way more turned on by the anticipation. Will anybody walk in and join her? Certainly! How many? Who knows! Soon September is overwhelmed by the patrons of the store, pawing her and groping her and getting her to drop to her knees, cause we all know, that’s when it is time to please!
September Reign September Reign
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