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Scotty Skies – Lucky Loser

Lucky Loser

Lucky Loser

The “Loser” has struck gold one more time with Scotty Skies, a 21-year-old girl from Arizona, who drove all the way to Los Angeles, California with�believe it or not�her husband, to bonk on screen for the 1st time. Now, we think Scotty should’ve held out and insisted that that babe must bonk her husband in her first scene, but, no, the “Loser” receives fortunate one more time. But not before that fellow insults her porn name (really, Scotty Skies) and tries to make her as nervous as possible. Perhaps he succeeds, but you’d not at all know by the way that babe sucks a dong. Scotty has the kind of looks that don’t say “porn star” but do say, “If she craves to be a adult star, this babe could be a bigger than average star.”

Ok, one time some other time, the “Loser” asks Scotty what she’s plan to do if her loved ones view this babe drilled the “Loser” in front of the digi camera, a topic she clearly doesn’t urge to discuss but he insists on discussing moreover. We are, one time anew, amazed that the angel doesn’t walk without the apartment, but this babe doesn’t. Some sweethearts are just that hopeless to be stars.

Distinguishing characteristics about Scotty: 1.) That babe giggles a lot. TWO.) This babe has tattoos on both arms. 3.) She has very long hair. 4.) That babe stops giggling when she’s giving a blowjob, at which point we detect her fifth distinguishing characteristic, her pierced tongue.

Ah, to be the “Loser” for just one day!

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