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Satine Spark – Whatta Bush!

Whatta Bush!

Whatta Bush!

Well, Satine, there’s almost certainly that you are a natural golden-haired!
“The sheets match the curtains! From what I have been said not many cuties have a blonde bush. I figured if my pube color is a rarity, I might as well maximize that and grow it out fully. I know my large bush is not for everyone, but there’re tons of blokes who fancy it. They tell me that I have a golden cunny, and it’s humorous ‘coz it is true!”

Has anyone been shocked by your bush?
“One bloke was quite taken by surprise. Usually I warn ’em in advance of, but I did not tell him anything cuz I wanted to watch his reaction. After that chap got over the shock that dude actually liked it. He told me my pubes converted him into a bush lover!”

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