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Sammi Starr – Delicious Fanny

Bewitching Fanny

Delicious Fanny

A fanny by any name would still taste so ravishing… In the U.S., a fanny refers to a butt, while in the U.K., a fanny means a delectable grip. Regardless of where you are from, the general consensus is that both types of fannies don’t get much more adorable than Sammi’s! Don’t be fooled by her demure smile and schoolgirl looks. Sammi’s perfectly pink muff is just begging to acquire filled to capacity. She’s even told us previous to how she enjoys getting it nice-looking rough during sex! Sammi, what types of boys do you let kiss your cunny? “Good-looking ones, of course! But actually, I adore chaps that are more controlling. I love a ladies man that knows what this chab urges and how to receive it. So if this chab indeed urges a chance at eating me out, he’s gotta display me how badly that man desires it, and that this dude is got what it takes to acquire it. One trick is to just make me laugh though! I love a matter of joke lads!” Sammi, give us all the details on your favorite bonk dream! “Well, honestly I already lived out a hawt one. I once had sex with six super hot hotty’s and one remarkably hot woman chaser. We all wore different costumes and everything! So many different tongues and hands touched my body. I’d like to have more public sex though. I fantasize a lot about having a woman chaser knock everything off our table at a restaurant and then begin enchanting me on top of it, with everybody around watching. Maybe some of the people around us initiate whacking off or even join in!”

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