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Sadie – Never Had the O

At not time Had the O

Never Had the O

“Ever since I got my first boyfriend, I was dependent on lads to make me feel fine,” Sadie told us. “I mean, I have relied on chaps to make me feel raunchy. But about a month or 2 agone, I decided to kick off masturbating at least twice a week. I am trying to teach myself how to have an big O. I have at no time had one! I guess I have gotten close, but I really, really wish one. I went out and bought myself a brand-new and shiny sex tool!

“Just because I let dudes take control, it doesn’t mean I am supple. I’m controlling in the bedroom. I have even drilled a stud in the wazoo with a strap-on previous to! This chab loved it, and I did, too!”

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