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Phoebe’s First Fuck

Phoebe’s 1st Shag

Phoebe's 1st Fuck

Phoebe Page, a 46-year-old wife and Mother from Nashville, Tennessee, makes her worldwide sucking-and-fucking on-camera launch, and judging by a not many of her photos, we’re gonna have a worthwhile time with Phoebe.

No. 27: Phoebe wraps her lips around a bigger than typical, thick dick and tries to receive as much of it into her face hole as possible. That babe appears to be intent on swallowing that damn thing!

No. 28: Phoebe lies back for a face-fucking and doesn’t brace her hands against the stud’s legs. Nope, that babe lets him copulate her face as deeply as he desires. ‘coz that is the kind of woman she’s!

No. 31: Riding the stud’s wang, his strapon snug inside her snatch, Phoebe rests her high-heeled shoes on his hips, reaches back to clutch an arse cheek and give us a more valuable check out of her darksome hole while looking into the digital camera.

No. 50: Her face covered with sex cream, Phoebe holds her hands against her cheeks as if to say, “Oh, my, don’t I have lots of cum on my face!”

Phoebe is 5’6″, 128 pounds. That babe likes ice hockey. She enjoys baking, writing and gonna the movies. She’s into the vampire fetish (what female-dom isn’t those days?). She fantasizes about “screwing my way without a traffic ticket.”

“I have joy doing hot things that make boys view me during the time that my spouse watches their reactions,” she said. “And going into adult stores jointly to pick out fresh outfits and toys, then going home to try ’em out.”

Now Phoebe and her husband have a fresh toy to play with: her copulate scenes on

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