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Oozing Cooter

Trickling Cooter

Oozing Cooter

Zoey, where do u have sex most of the time?

“Sometimes my hubby sneaks me into his room, or I’ll sneak him into mine. His Mamma absolutely loathes me cuz that babe caught us fucking in his room one time, so that is why we receive to sneak around.”

When you’re in his room, do you need to keep quiet?

“Yes, definitely. If I get likewise loud then his Mamma will hear and go crazy. Sometimes it is really tough, ’cause he’ll be screwing me indeed hard with his testicles slapping my butt and everything, and all I wish to do is screech and groan. But I cant, so I’ll bite my lip or bury my face in a pillow. I cant wait untill I move out so I can be as loud and insane as I want.”

His Mother not at all suspects that that buck sneaks you in?

“I don’t think so. We’re careful. But this gent did tell me that this babe asked him why his sheets were immodest with white stuff! She probably thinks it’s just his load, but little does that babe know it’s my cum, also!”

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