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Odette Delacroix – Lewd Under the Lattice

Slutty Underneath the Lattice

Lewd Under the Lattice

Odette is a submissive legal age teenager who keeps her body modification free. “I’m not indeed into tattoos or piercings for myself,” that babe told us. “I like the way it looks on other people, but not for me.” This blond California girl’s skin may be virgin, but her pussy isn’t. “But just coz I look kind of clean cut doesn’t mean I’m wholesome. I like to do nasty things, like be manacled or have one more beauty bonk me with a strap-on. I’m alternative in my own way.”

Won’t u pet this kitten? “There’s smth so hawt about undressing. I love to do it lazily and timidly, as if I am coy. I give the person large, wide eyes. I want them to know that I’m giving myself to ’em, and they’re in charge.”

“I don’t date a lot, so masturbating is really important to me!” Odette is a busy goddess. Studying and working at her university’s bookstore keep her occupied, and there is little time for romance. “I’d rather just have a dependable shag buddy. I don’t have time right now for a relationship. I love to be alone a lot, also. I enjoy quiet moments in my back patio with my hand in my briefs, stroking my clitoris till I cum. But even still, it is valuable to receive some real ramrod every so often. It keeps me sane.”

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