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Nothing but nip!

Nothing but nip!

Nothing but nip!

Greetings, Elizabeth! Tell us, what’s your favorite part of your sexy, little body?
“I like all of it, but if I had to pick a favourite I’d say it’s a tie between my
little tits and my anus. I just think that my bitty zeppelins are cute, and they
are so low maintenance! I do not need to worry about bras, and I like to be
active so they’re never bouncing around likewise much. And my anus is just
cute. I call it my little starfish. It also feels good when I stick things up there.”

What kinds of things do u love to stick in your a-hole?
“Toys and fingers, mostly. I adore it when boys lick it. I’ve this one ass-ramming that is with out this world. It feels amazing when I put it in. I am working my way
up to anal. I would’ve already attempted it, but the buck I am fucking right now has a astronomical schlong, and well, it’s a little intimidating! My twat feels stretched out
when he sticks it in, so I can’t imagine my wazoo!”

Thanks for letting us acquire all those hawt, close-up shots of your winking starfish!
“It’s no problem! I am more than glad to bow over
and widen my buttcheeks for the digi camera. Hopefully
the lads out there will like my darksome hole as much as I do.
It’s a valuable one, do not u think?”

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