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Natalie Heart – Juicy Pink

Succulent Pink

Juicy Pink

Natalie’s got a hot body and a personality to match… We dare you not to stare at those two hypnotic, little boobies, deliciously accented with puffy, beige areolas, perfect for engulfing. Her booty is petite but still cocky enough to cookie on to or spank. She’s got an charming “fuck-me” gaze and her glossy lips and flirtatious smile would reel anyone in for a little smack.

What do u adore about working in the porn business, Natalie?
“You mean moreover the fucking? [Laughs] Plenty of people ask me why I am doing this. I tell them I do whatever I want, and I don’t let other people’s silly rules apply to me or my body or my life. I would already had boyz take pictures and movie of me before, and I like flirting and showing skin. So I figured, why not? I meet a lot of different people and then I must fuck ’em. Better than majority jobs!”

True or False: You are very assertive when it comes to sex.
“I guess it depends on my mood truly. I can be more masterful if the mood strikes. Maybe that’s why I love reverse cowgirl so much. Being on top, in control, and looking damn hot whilst doing it. I also like to acquire eaten out. It is got to be done right though, so I’m definitely not passive when it comes to getting my cunt licked. Then anew, other times I just want a boy to shag me over the head, drag me to his man-cave and screw me naive till neither of us can walk. Now that’s what I’m talking about.”

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