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Natalie Heart – Customer’s Always Right

Customer’s Always Right

Customer's Always Right

Natalie never turns down a chance to shag if there’s a risk of getting caught.

“I love sex, but I acquire way more turned on when I’m doing it in public. I one time had sex in the back of a moving truck and it was the hottest experience I’d had til latterly. I would merely been at my new job at the mall for a hardly any weeks when this hot boy came in asking me about some trousers. I could tell right away this lady-killer was in to me cuz this ladies man kept following me around the store and I even caught him trying to look up my petticoat! At 1st I thought, ‘what a creep!’ but then I noticed the bulge forming in his pants. I started getting randy thinking about how much I was getting his ding-dong rock hard and that was all it took.

“I waited until all the other customers left to brandish him I was ready to play, but I did not lock the front door. I could feel my cunt throbbing at the passion of showing him my mammaries whilst at work. My heart was racing thinking about my boss or other customers walking in on us, but it only made me hornier! I dropped down to my knees to engulf on his jock and it was so agreeable. And when that lady-killer finally banged me, my cunny squeezed the hell out of his wang until I came. He came too–in greater than average, thick wads all over my chest. It was super hawt and got me amorous all over anew! I hope this dude comes back to do a little more shopping in a short time!”

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