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Nadia Jay

Nadia Jay Nadia Jay
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Turn your head and cough. I’m sure you’ve heard that one in advance of. I bet you haven’t lined up in a room with a bunch of other men. These poor boyz work for one of the cheapest corporations of all time; in fact, it is so cheap, they’re conducting physicals on 8 mean at a time to make it "cost effective". Another cost-cutting procedure includes hiring a physician’s assistant take care of everything that doesn’t require a doctor. Some of Nadia Jay’s responsibilities today include taking blood pressure, weigh-in’s, and temperatures. She’ll acquire to perform the simple hernia exam, too, which is where things go awry. Pretty soon there’s 8 greater than standard, white cocks inches near her face, and they’re erect and willing to give man juice samples, too! Even though it is not part of today’s exam, Nadia will accept all 8 samples — all over her marvelous face.
Nadia Jay Nadia Jay
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