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Melissa Moore – Tight Princess

Taut Princess

Tight Princess

Melissa’s quite the catch. She’s gracious, slutty and interesting!
This Texas looker was always a high achiever, doing well in high school and currently studying psychology in college. But when she wasn’t buried in books that babe was being wicked between the sheets. “I was always a good hotty in class, but out side I was a little devil. I guess it all began with an all-girl orgy I was in during a sleepover. After that I felt super amorous all the time. It started off with me being obsessed with giving head. I wanted to do it all the time, and to gulp the guy’s load. Sex was always on my mind. But I would not do it until I had finished my homework, certainly. Sex was always an incentive for me to finish studying.”

Can you think of a time when u came the hardest during sex?
“Yes. One of the hottest moments of my life was when I endevoured anal and loved it. In all honesty, I didn’t know if I was gonna love it, but I love to try everything at least once. I was definitely not frustrated. It felt extraordinary, and I felt adore I was intend to pass out during the climax. Now whenever I view porn I always seek a hot anal scene to enjoy with one of my many sex-toys.”

Are u an exhibitionist?
“[Laughs] You are probably gonna think I’m a liar after what I just told you, but I am actually demure and quiet. Yeah, I’m actually lewd, but I don’t advertise it. In school, no one actually knew about my escapades. So it’s a nice surprise when a guy finds out how I actually am.”

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