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Melissa May

Melissa May Melissa May
Melissa May @
Melissa May’s dad has always been an atypical type of dude, and she realizes this. But coming home to an empty house as Dad is singing a song about Costa Rica while counting a bigger than average sum of money? That’s even strange for Melissa! Turns out Dad supplies a large most of the medical marijuana dispensaries in Southern California with their product…only this time he’s not gonna deliver. Oh sure, this guy is been paid. His track record with the weed dealers is stellar, too. That’s why they paid before delivery, and now the race is on: Dad’s plan was to get the money and make excuses and promises, then liquidate and haul booty. Things backfire quickly…or do they? Dad’s known about Melissa’s darksome cock wench ways for a during the time that, and he’s intend to use his darling daughter to buy some more time. He’ll have joy the unveil, likewise!

Melissa May Melissa May

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