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Meagan Vaughn

Meagan Vaughn Meagan Vaughn
Meagan Vaughn @
The union betwixt stud and wife is to be sacred and at not time taken for granted. For a marriage to work the one and the other involved receive to not keep secrets or else it risks crumbling like a dark man’s credit report. As the leader of the Cumbang I have grown pro to dark snatch and wanna make an honest lady without Meagan Vaugn. She’s the kind of gal I can take back home to visit Mother at the trailer park. However, a marriage cant commence on lies so I broke the news to her about our secret society. I knew asking her to marry me was the right partiality when her eyes lit up like the neon sign at KFC. I gathered up the troops, had Meagan wear what she was gonna surprise me with on our honeymoon night, and we’d in a short time be dining on my fiance adore a pack of hyenas. The looks on the faces of my rednecks friends were fine as she had each of their ramrods stuffed down her mouth. I knew we’d have a long life together when I saw her bending over and giving up the dark fur pie for a bunch of horned up shlong woods. The gleam in her eye said it all and I signaled my brothers in arms that it was ok to attack her face love Fort Sumter. Pics of her glazed face now take up space over our fireplace.
Meagan Vaughn Meagan Vaughn
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