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Madi Meadows – Brunette Bombshell

Black brown Bombshell

Brunette Bombshell

Madi is one of our more voluptuous teens.
Our readers like flatties, almost certainly. However, we do not think anyone could deny Madi’s buxom, pliant allure. She’s more big busted than our archetypical model, but a little diversity not at any time hurt. And truly, that babe is screwing hawt. She has the kind of body u can admire for hours and the kind of bouncy bosoms you put your face in or around your knob. “My pointer sisters acquire me lots of attention, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it. They’re sensitive so I often grip and squeeze them.”

This babe was also blessed with a petite cunt.
Madi actually won the genetic lottery with her awesome body. Not solely is her face pretty, her mounds are large and her body is tight, but her bawdy cleft is also extraordinarily dunky and nice. Even getting a finger or tiny toy in there can be a task. “I always ask men to fuck me sluggishly ‘cuz going inflexible is just too much for my little wet crack. When they go slow I can feel every inch.”

Madi’s cunt is handsome but fickle.
“Every boy that I have sex with for a lengthy time has to go throughout training to eat me out. I am very peculiar about how I like oral-sex. But the wonderful thing is that once they work out how I love it, I’m a cumming machine. The same goes for sex. I guess maybe I am not love other cuties coz I don’t just wanna be pounded hard the entire time. I like going slow and vehement. One of my much loved things is when the ladies man is on top of me and puts his knob in, leaves it there and stays still while I move my twat up and down his shaft. I’ll be so wet that u can hear the succulent noises, and it just feels truly fuckin’ worthwhile.”

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