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Maddy Rose – Not So Innocent

Not So Sinless

Not So Innocent

Maddy, would you get potty if people called u a whore?
“No way. I suppose that’s inexperienced, and my professor says that’s just one more way the patriarchy tries to suppress women’s sexuality! If liking sex and new 10-Pounder makes me a slut, then hell yeah I’m one! And I don’t think it is a bad thing. I’m not hurting anyone and I am just having fun, so what’s the large deal? When I 1st discharged for your magazine I was gorgeous sinless, but I didn’t wanna be anymore. I wanted to be a bimbo. So, mission skilled! You boyz should be proud of yourselves. Getting banged on-camera for you was part of what helped me to actually open up sexually.”

Are u masturbating more or less now?
“You would think that ‘cuz I am getting more weenie I’d be masturbating less, but the opposite is true. I masturbate not quite daily, sometimes multiple times a day. I can not make no doubt of that I’m merely Eighteen and I’m already this lascivious all the fuckin’ time!”

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