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Maci More – Cheering For Cum

Cheering For Cum

Cheering For Cum

Are u really a cheerleader?
“Yes, I was one in high-school. I’m still charming pliant and I’ll do splits and tumbling sometimes for pleasure. It seems to actually impress the men! And they’re even more impressed when I do a split on their weenie and take it super deep in my vagina. That’s the real reason lads adore cheerleaders. We know a bunch of indecent tricks and we can put our ankles behind our head. Boys like being skilled to fuck a goddess who can bend into avid poses.”

Tell us some cheer details.
“Some of the terms are humorous. Facials are truly a thing in the cheerleading world. It means you cant compete with a frown on your face. But it has a double meaning cuz all the angels on our team loved to get facial cumshots from boys. That’s something to smile about!”

Is it true cheerleaders are all bimbos?
“Not all of ’em, but almost all of ’em! I know I was. We would always share our sex stories and try to out-do each other. We got off on how much lads admired us, and we’d intentionally suit slutty to make ’em drool and get hard.”

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