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Lolly – Flattie Delight

Flattie Delight

Flattie Delight

Welcome back, Lolly! Tell us what u are listening to on your headphones.
“Just a mix of popular stuff like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. I adore to listen to music while I am cleaning. I always end up in my panties or completely undressed shaking my gazoo! Once I was so into it that I didn’t notice that my neighbour was out side and could watch me through the window! I was absolutely naked except for a pair of panties. I was embarrassed at 1st, and then I was so turned on thinking about him watching me that I had to run to my room and stick a finger in my snatch to cum!”

Do you always use your fingers to cum?
“No, I have a fake penis that I love to use. If I am not that lustful but feel adore playing with myself, I’ll use the sex tool because it’s more intensive. It’ll take me to the edge way faster. If I am already super lewd, I love to use my fingers cuz it doesn’t take much to make me cum at that point.”

Would u ever rub one out in front of the window so your neighbour could check out?
“I don’t know! That would take a lot of balls. I adore the idea of it, but I guess I’d be too coy to do it for real. Maybe one day! I wouldn’t mind doing it for somebody in person, though. Sometimes I’ll play with my twat a little bit when I’m fooling around with somebody, but I would love to put on a full show. One where they can’t touch me or their weenie, they just must sit there and view whilst I masturbate. Then if I am worked up sufficient, and if he is rock hard sufficient, I might just suck his 10-Pounder or let him bonk me. Yes, that sounds fine!”

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