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Little Bush For Lilly

Little Bush For Lilly

Little Bush For Lilly

Lilly, u look like a retro pin-up girl with your curves and sexy bush. Please do not shave!
“I won’t! I’m done with shaving. I like having pubes now, and they’re low-maintenance. Plus my husband thinks they’re hot, so I’ll be keeping them!”

Is your hubby maturer? We find that maturer males tend to dig bushes.
“Oh, wow. You are wonderful! Yeah, this stud is a bit older. He’s not quite Fifty. This chap said when that dude was juvenile all girls had bushes, and that’s just what he was always used to. This guy loves a woman’s minge! So this chab is turned me on to pubic hair and to older fellas as well. Previous to, the oldest bloke I’d dated was in his twenties, but now I want to copulate every silver fox that I see! I bet they’re all tremendous in bed.”

How is your boyfriend in sofa?
“Brilliant! I have not ever met anyone who was so passionate. This buck drives me mad and makes me desire to try all sorts of things that I’d have not at any time considered previous to. For instance, I let him lick and touch my backdoor. Before I would by no means let anyone go near there! We even went into the bathroom of a restaurant and shagged. You’d think that a woman chaser who is Fifty would be settling down, but things just keep getting wilder!”

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