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Lina Paige

Lina Paige Lina Paige
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I am a grown beauty who pays her own way but that will not appease my overbearing father. Ive caught him reading my emails, text messages, and bills. I thought this woman chaser was intend to kill me when this chab read a text message from a big black stud which nearly put dad in an early grave. Daddy scraped jointly some money and took him and I to the therapist to squash the beef but this would not end the way this chab wanted. Dad’s constant fear of darksome males inspired Dr. Harvard to throw the idea out that having dad view one pulverize my white muff was a admirable idea. I hit my knees on the floor so I could acquire the almost any darksome meat-thermometer in my diminutive mouth as pappa had his face in his palms. The squirming he did in his seat was drowned out with the noise of my pusy getting soaking succulent with every inch of darksome pecker that ways talented to fit in my face hole. Daddy thought it was over with the blow job but we were just getting started when the bigger in size than run of the mill black python made mince meat with out my snatch which ruins daddy’s hopes for grand kids. His anguish was lastly over when my face was the target of warm dark cum. Dad still hasn’t been accomplished to look me in the face.
Lina Paige Lina Paige
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