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Jordan Nevaeh – Don’t be selfish

Do not be selfish

Don't be selfish

“I can’t cum unless I get a large dong,” Jordan said, with gratification evident in her voice. We were just interested in seeing her cum-hole and throat stuffed with man meat, so we made arrangements for her to stop by. “Sometimes, just getting off from oral is enough for me,” said Jordan. “I do not plan it that way, it just happens. I’ll be watching a movie on TV or smth with a gent when I receive the urge to start fooling around. I go down on him and engulf him off. Of course I can not always gulp, so most of the time I’ll let him bust on my whoppers or my face. Then this ladies man has to eat me out and receive me off–twice if I’m truly lucky–and we’ll the one and the other be content. Watch it is all about cumming and gratifying every other; it is not just about banging. There’s no room for selfishness in the bedroom. If u just wanna receive yours and leave, u can fuck off and acquire blue balls.”

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