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Jojo Kiss

Jojo Kiss Jojo Kiss
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Check out Jojo Kiss and her stud, Damien. What freaks! They’re in the bathroom, scheming jointly on how Jojo will tempt and copulate Damien’s personal coach, Jax, whilst Damien watches. Damien doesn’t care if this fellow has to peer throughout the porch window, or receive close up to observe the muscly, dark-skinned bull have his way with Jojo! Of course he’d love most of all to be as close as possible (which happens), and he’d prefer his woman to acquire railed (which happens), and ‘cuz this man is so freaky, that chap craves to make sure Jojo gets cleaned up after the black bull makes his mess. This happens, likewise. What a ravishing, cheerful pair! And Jax? Well…he has some other client to add to his roster.
Jojo Kiss Jojo Kiss

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