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Jessica Jensen – Stretch Wide

Stretch Wide

Stretch Wide

Jessica can stretch her legs very wide open.
But actually getting her to uncross them is a totally different thing. “I do not sleep around with a lot of boyz, but I acquire actually freaky with the ones I do shag,” Jessica told. If you are one of the favourable not many, you’ll have to watch just how pliant Jessica is. She’ll straddle u in a entire split and let u pound away into her snatch. “When a smooth operator bangs me with my legs in a split, it’s rogering intense. Especially when they commence like, drilling. It just hits some spot inside of me that makes me receive lightheaded.”

So you adore it rough?
“I like to commence off good and slow and then finish nice and hard. For me to get in the mood, I crave a lad to kiss my neck and make-out with me super-passionately. Engulf on my fun bags and rub my arse ’cause I adore that kind of ram. I urge my vagina to be moist previous to that ladies man even unzips my pants. Then when he slips it in, I like it to be slow so I can get used to his wang being in there. But after that it is pounding time!”

Do u try any insane positions?
“I’ve put my legs behind my head. But that is probably it. Sex feels worthy to me no matter what so I do not receive to try anything batty. Just slip your ramrod in and I’m pleased.”

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