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Jersey Girl

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Jersey Girl

Lexa, what does it mean to be a Jersey gal? That is how you love to describe yourself, right?
“Yes. I’m very gratified to be from Recent Jersey and I’m also very satisfied of my Italian background. Jersey girls aren’t all love the people u see on the Jersey Shore flaunt. For instance, I don’t love tanning and I do not like boys on
steroids. But I do like to receive my nails done, and in the summer I do visit the Jersey Shore. I likewise love to
shop and eat Italian food. I’ve a little bit of a Jersey accent. Basically I just have tons of pride for
my home state. Plus, Jersey dicks are the foremost!”

Do Jersey gals love to screw?
“We adore to copulate more than anyone! My angels and I always talk about how much we adore to suck and ride pecker.”

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