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Jayla Starr

Jayla Starr Jayla Starr
Jayla Starr @
Jayla is a star in the making courtesy of 8 rough rednecks and a personal vendetta. Jayla’s bff,Amy, sat her down and broke the news that Jayla’s spouse had been dipping his larger than run of the mill dark 10-Pounder in her white cavern. The tears coming from Jayla’s face could merely mean that getting even was in order. The merely way for her to exact her own sweet brand of justice is for Jayla to pay a visit to a gathering of fine ol’ country studs. The very thought of Jayla having interracial sex with one white Lothario, let alone 8, is enough to make Jayla’s soon-to-be-ex rage with anger. The time for taking was over and Jayla’s blow job services were open to all available crackers in a one mile radius. Jayla Starr’s tonsils and windpipe pretty soon become overwhelmed by massive white cocks that only cared about giving her the attention and justification she was seeking. Those dark lips inhaled all the peckerwoods in her sight and her hands jerked the rest off until her love tunnel was ready to receive slammed doggy position. Amy played quarterback to Jayla’s pussy as she directed all free honky dicks into the creamy, darksome territory. Those white males lined up and took turns jabbing her uterus with their long, white swords. Jayla’s screams were muffled simply coz her throat did not get a break from the nonstop assault of white shlong raiding it. The only thing that ended the cum-hole pummeling was when 8 inbred crackers decided to emancipate their loads all over Jayla’s beautiful face.Each drop of trailer park cock juice oozed down her face as her smile told it all. Revenge was extracted but did the ends justify the means? Jayla Starr thinks so.
Jayla Starr Jayla Starr
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