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Fabulous Fanny

Fabulous Fanny

Fabulous Fanny

Brittney, did you know that to people in the England, a fanny means a wet crack?
“No, I did not! That’s laughable, because here in the states a fanny means a gazoo. Wow. Now that word has a absolutely different meaning to me! We say it a lot in the South. It is not even a bad word! Now I am gonna giggle whenever my Mother says it.”

Well we think u have an breathtaking fanny. And we mean one as well as the other the United Realm and the US versions!
“So you’re saying you think I have a fine snatch and booty? Thank u! I love them also. This might sound unusual, but I always thought my arsehole was cute. I adore the way it is puckered. And I love my pussy, too. The lips aren’t also greater than average and aren’t also miniature. They’re just right!”

Do you like it when lads take up with the tongue your muff and arsehole?
“I love it. At 1st I used to be a little demure about males tongueing my backdoor, but I got over it once I realized how admirable it feels! Before I not ever understood why males always wanted to lick my anus. I still kind of do not receive it, but hey, if they wanna I’m plan to let them! And touching with tongue my pussy is a need to. If a boy doesn’t take up with the tongue my love tunnel, then this chab is with out there!”

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