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Eve Bannon: A little moist, a little warm

Eve Bannon: A little wet, a little warm

Eve Bannon: A little luscious, a little warm

At 5’6″, 114 pounds, Eve Bannon, an office manager from Nevada, has the kind of constricted, right body many studs like. But what makes Eve even more peculiar is that her presence here is so different from anything else she’s ever done in her 52 years. She’s not a nudist. She’s not a swinger. She has at not time been an gogo dancer. She’s not, by any means, a wild woman. Yet, this babe can be viewed mouthing dick at and sucking and banging in 2 scenes at What’s so specific about Eve? Anything about her.

40SOMETHING: There is something very carnal about the way u carry yourself. Have you ever been told that?

EVE: No, I haven’t.

40SOMETHING: Almost sensuous, maybe?

EVE: Maybe. Sensuous. That is one of my much loved words. A little succulent, a little warm.

40SOMETHING: U didn’t expect to be here, did u?

EVE: Not at all. At no time!

40SOMETHING: So what brought this fresh idea on?

EVE: Well, I met anybody and went for coffee to talk about doing a pictorial, and the day turned into being a blast, and we ended up going a little bit farther and then a little bit farther, and they submitted my pics to you, and it was a go, and I thought, “Oh my gosh! This is going to be a blast!” You’re not at any time too old to try smth recent. Learn smth new.

40SOMETHING: Are you a wild female-dominator?

EVE: By no means. The people who know me think I’m conservative, and I really am. But they’re in for a bigger than standard surprise when they investigate about this, aren’t they?

40SOMETHING: Do you have any fetishes?

EVE: A petite in number. I like a light drubbing during lovemaking. I love to be restrained a little. I adore having sex in places where u might get caught, love on the beach or somewhere love that.

40SOMETHING: Have u truly done everything like that?

EVE: Not on the beach, but I have had sex in a restaurant packed with people. I’ve had sex in the baths during a family party. And once, I had blow job with a smooth operator in a car during the time that awaiting on friends in the valet area.

40SOMETHING: I am guessing that if you are wanton, u will not go to a bar to pickup a lad.

EVE: No. I won’t. Not at any time. I not at all have picked up a lad, ever.

40SOMETHING: What do u do for joy?

EVE: My brother used to say I was kind of a nerd. I like to cook. I like to entertain. I like to chill out and have joy companionship as much as the next person. Hobby-wise, I like to read, I love domestic and household things. I’m a archetypal beauty. I adore to shop and acquire my nails done. Everything girly is great by me. I adore to hike. I like to spend time outside. I like the rain. I love the beach. I guess there’s so much in life to savour.

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