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Emily Harper – Fresh Titter

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Fresh Titter

Are u a lascivious goddess, Emily?
“Duh! All cuties are slutty. Some of ’em just deny it. I’m open about the fact that I love to shag and masturbate. I do not know if I’m hornier than the usual goddess, but I’m pretty damn lascivious!”

Do you ever have juicy fantasies?
“Chances are if I’m dreaming, it is about sex. In the mornings I wake up with a sticky anal opening ‘cuz I have been having damp fantasies all night. I receive so damp that my juices leak down my crack into my a-hole. Since I’m already lubed, I’ll commence the day off by masturbating with a finger in my asshole. I usually must wash my sheets every day ‘coz they acquire juicy. I’m a very succulent gal.”

How often would u say u have sex?
“At least a couple of times a week. I have 2 or 3 boys on rotation. I like rogering each of them for different reasons. One boy gives the superlatively admirable head ever. The other one has a bigger in size than run of the mill 10-Pounder. And the third charmer makes me cum super rock hard.”

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