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Dakota R – Classic Cunny

Classic Cunny

Classic Cunny

Say, we really love your bush, Dakota!
“Thanks! I know tons of gals those days get their cunts shaved or waxed, but I like to keep mine au naturale. Anyway, the hairs are actually velvety so I think it’s additional good. Boys appear to be to love it.”

We would not mind if you let’s near it either! Have you fucked many bucks?
“Just a scarcely any. I came from a beautiful conservative household and even went to an all-girls private school, and sex was kinda frowned upon by everybody around me. But, you know, when people repress that sort
of thing, it sometimes makes beauties like me even wilder than they would’ve been! I used to sneak out a lot to meet lads from the all-boys school to hang out and fool around. I remember the 1st time a boy put his
hands up my skirt and in my briefs. I was already soaked throughout them! That is when I realized how much I wanted someone to copulate my muff ASAP! The rest, as they say, is history.”

Do you adore it when lads play with your cookie before sex?
“I adore it! Feeling their hands fingering my clitoris receives me so turned on. I’ve only had one lad go down on me, but it was excellent. I hope bucks watch my fotos here and desire to eat my bawdy cleft, likewise!”

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