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Curves Ahead

Curves Ahead

Curves Ahead

Welcome, Lexee. What’s this we heard about you banging in an abandoned house?
“It wasn’t actually abandoned. It was still being brawny, and this lad and I snuck in there and had sex for hours. At first we were so paranoid ‘cuz we did not know if there was an alarm, and it was at night so it was dark and scary. But that stuff made it more exciting. And eventually we relaxed and I started to receive truly wild and loud. Now whenever I see a abode being athletic it reminds me of that time, and I wanna sneak inside and shag.”

What other erotic things have you done that are a bit with out the ordinary?
“I haven’t done anything also desirous. I do not think this is very atypical, but I went through a phase where I fooled around with lots of beauties. I had this curiousity about ’em that I had to satisfy. I wanted to see what it was like to eat fur pie, so I did it. A lot. I wanted to investigate if I was bisexual or not. Having sex with cuties is joy, but guys will always be number one.”

Tell us what kind of lads u are the almost any attracted to.
“Most importantly that smooth operator is gotta have bigger than typical, hawt arms. If this charmer has slender arms with no muscle, then that fellow doesn’t have a chance. Sorry if that sounds mean, but I love to feel safe with the boy I’m with. He too has to be assured but not cheeky. There is a difference. And this Lothario has to like eating snatch, not just tolerate it. Chaps who love eating succulent wet crack are usually freaks, and freaky chaps are the almost any worthwhile.”

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