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Curly Cummer

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Curly Cummer

What’s up, Elena?
“I was bored, so I decided to paint my room. I haven’t had sex for a while, and that’s when I am my most productive.”

Why haven’t you had sex? A goddess love u could acquire anyone.
“I’d truly love to discover an older fellow to copulate, but lately all I can identify is young boys who cum in 2 seconds. So I decided I’m not gonna settle until I find a aged boy who I know can satisfy my needs. Until then I’m getting to know myself all over again by masturbating all the time!”

Are u going bonkers from the lack of strapon?
“It was inflexible at 1st, but now I’m used to it. It is been about a month. And I’ve gotten so much done! Lads are such a distraction! But even though I haven’t banged any lads, I’ve had some enjoyment with beauties. I am not a lesbian or anything, but I enjoy hooking up with girls. I would not date one, but I’ll definitely fuck one! So all the masturbating, pussy-eating and getting shit done has kept me occupied. But to be honest, I cant await untill my next pecker.”

How was the last screw you had?
“It was okay. I came. But there were no fireworks. That’s why I decided to hold off. My feelings for he were whatsoever in the 1st place. So the next time I copulate it is plan to be coz I’m super hawt and damp for the Lothario.”

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