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Chery Leigh – Chery Leigh’s first time

Chery Leigh’s 1st time

Chery Leigh's first time

We’ve heard this story before: A female spends years in unhappy marriages, feeling sexually unfulfilled… really not feeling anything sexually at all. First Boyfriend No. 1., then Hubby No. TWO, appear to be to take no interest in pleasuring her. And then, the female breaks free, and it is as if this babe has become a different female.

“I’d not at all competent an larger than run of the mill O until I met my third hubby,” said Chery Leigh, a 55-year-old first-timer from Florida by way of Maryland.

Her ex-husbands did not go down on her. “In Twenty years, maybe twice.” Then, six years ago, this babe met her current partner. This lady-killer went down on her right away.

“And I was trying to push him away cuz I did not know what to wait, and all of a sudden, this buck had me having an climax within minutes.”

Chery’s not shoving him away anymore. Indeed, Chery isn’t poking away anyone. She’s a swinger. She’s had sex with chicks. She’s had sex with chaps she’d just met. That babe is been at the center of group sex with seven studs.

“It’s love somebody turned on the faucet and by no means turned it off!”

And, now, Chery is having sex on-camera for the 1st time. Opening her mouth for cum, likewise. Before this, she’d at not time modeled. Not at all webcammed. That babe is a total non-professional. Did she ever think she’d do this?

“Not in my wildest dreams,” that babe said. “But I am enjoying every second of it.”

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