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Cara Swank – “Take me By Surprise!”

“Take me By Surprise!”

Cara just wishes what each goddess wishes…

“A man who’ll seize me and kiss me when I least await it, then throw me on the couch and just take me. I crave him to expose me how badly he desires me.”

There’s something to be said about the element of surprise. As much as anticipation can make a girl’s thongs damp, so can a surprise kiss–one with lots of tongue and an accompanying hardon pressing against her leg. Her guard is down and she has no time to think, just react.

“All cuties adore to be surprised. It keeps things interesting and hot. U don’t wanna always have the same boring sex.”

U know what other kind of surprise Cara loves? The one in your pants. In goddess world, there is something called The Pont of time of Truth. And that’s the moment when a cutie first sees a guy’s rod.

“Oh stud, it’s the foremost when I first watch a guy’s pecker and it is so big and fat! I adore it! I feel like when I first pull down his pants it is shining in my face, just begging to be insert my throat and snatch. I like it when I can barely acquire my mouth around it.”

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