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Braless & Boned

Braless & Boned

Braless & Boned

Why are you undergarment shopping?
“Even though I don’t receive to wear a brassiere ’cause I am so flat, I still like to have them for when I give a boy a undress tease. I think each goddess loves gorgeous underwear.”

So how do u go from shopping for bras to fucking?
“The Lothario working there wanted to measure my chest to see if they had any bras that would fit me. I guess he loves little bazookas ’cause I could feel his boner shoving me from behind. I was down for a screw, so we went into the fitting room.”

Did he copulate you well?
“Oh yeah. This chab was absolutely into it. I can always tell when a ladies man actually loves little meatballs cuz they bonk me so admirable and give me orgasms love no other. His jock was incredibly hard, like harder than typical. I adore it when their dongs are adore steel.”

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