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Anita Peida

Anita Peida Anita Peida
Anita Peida @
Anita Peida knows nothing about honoring her Mom and father. Born to parents of high class and mass wealth, Anita’s shame to the family name comes via mouthing and rogering every white lad that babe comes across. Her parents, not to be confused, write her without the Estate thus costing her boat loads of cash. Anita confides in her bff, Chastity Lynn, and the idea of revenge is as clear as the white weenies that will later devastate her body. Anita lost her conservative attire for clothes that would make the jaws of veteran street walkers drop to the floor. The almost all worthy way to acquire back at her folks would be to snack on not quite a dozen of the filthiest, almost any vile crackers this side of Anaheim. much adore a line at a monster lorry rally, the Cumbangers were ready to slam their sausages into the back of Anita’s head until her makeup ran off. Chastity was Anita’s personal cheerleader as every white lad lined up for a chance to fit their meat unfathomable inside her screw box. In fact, it looked as if the 1976 Celtics were taking liberties with their head cheerleader and the darksome ravisher was loving almost 9 feet of white kielbasa. The time for ending her parent’s misery arrived when Anita’s face took blast after blast of ball grit and rod snot. Needless to say, her pain was alleviated ten fold.
Anita Peida Anita Peida
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