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Alone Time

Alone Time

Alone Time

Welcome, Kandice. After a stiff day at school how do u adore to chill out?
“I like to take a long, hot shower and masturbate. My room mate used to acquire pissed ‘cuz I would spend so lengthy in the washroom, but now she leaves me alone cuz she knows it is my alone time, and I turn into a total doxy if I do not receive to cum after a rock hard day. It is so relaxing to just be alone and play with my slit.”

We know you go to high school, but are you a working cutie as well?
“Yes. I work at an upscale organic grocery store. I adore it, especially since I am a vegetarian and I receive a discount on all their expensive healthy food. But I receive truly worn out dealing with customers and their inexperienced questions,
which is why I must come home and masturbate! Although, I do work with plenty of sexy boys, so at least there’s a lot of eye candy. When I receive home I adore to fantasize about ’em and pretend we’re doing bawdy things to each other.”

What kind of things do you fantasize about when you masturbate?
“Feeling up on a guy’s hard-on throughout his trousers and feeling my cookie tingle ’cause it turns me on. The pont of time when I pull down his pants and his unbending ramrod 1st goes into my face hole. The first thrust into my cunt. Stuff adore that.”

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