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Alina Li – Asian Fuckdoll

Oriental Fuckdoll

Asian Fuckdoll

Alina Li is a sexy Asian cutie with a serious attitude! Her body is tan and constricted, and this babe knows it! Her diminutive love melons are flawless teardrops, and her slight nipps acquire harder than a diamond when they’re pinched and played with. She might bite if you acquire too close, but if you win her over she’ll let you into the tightest, pinkest and most delightsome cum-hole you’ll ever experience. She might even take up with the tongue and suck you clean with these sexy, glossed schoolgirl lips.

What do you think is your majority positive attribute, Alina?

“If you mean sexually, I adore my slit. I used to turn guys away ‘coz they were too big for me. I am still actually tight, but I have learned how to fit greater cocks inside of me and now I love ’em. I have no idea how it always shrinks back down afterward, but I always must stretch afresh previous to more sex. [Giggles] Now I don’t turn large boys down!

So what’s the ideal lay?

“I like to do adventurous stuff, love skydiving and things. I guess the perfect lay would be if that lady-killer picked me up on his motorcycle, took me to sushi, left with out paying the bill and drilled me out side on a mountain or something. Then, later, we could go to his house and fool around with one of his roommates–whether it was a lad or a beauty wouldn’t matter. Maybe two or three dudes could pass me around! Wow, I’m making myself moist! That would be a flawless lay.”

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