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Ali Morrison – Cum Break

Cum Break

Cum Break

Ali is a skilled at mixing business and enjoyment. Although Ali is still in high-school, she’s been working in an office for a scarcely any years. Different from her less accomplished coeds, that babe is no stranger to overtime and late nights. “Sometimes I would have a ton of work to do, and I’d end up staying truly late. The office would be totally dead. I cant just work for hours and hours str8, so I’d take a break and masturbate. Once I even got undressed just ‘coz I could. It gave me such a colossal rush!”

A quickie helps Ali receive back on track. “I know it might sound backwards, but I am so much more productive after masturbating! I’m skillful to focus. It’s a great way to relieve stress!” Truly it is, Ali! We think it is great that at such a young age Ali already has a powerful work ethic. Although we don’t know if her employers would accede with her weird methods for productivity

Masturbating in the office is one thing. But what about screwing? “Yeah, I completely screwed my boss on his desk,” Ali admitted. “And on the breakroom counter. And next to the filing cabinet. That is some other benefit of working late. U can acquire away with all kinds of stuff!” Ali has a thing for older, meaty chaps, so it was solely a matter of time in advance of that babe gangbanged her boss. “As soon as I saw him, I knew we were gonna copulate. Thank god for these late nights!”

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