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Alexia Skye

Alexia Skye Alexia Skye
Alexia Skye @
Alexia was caught shoplift when this babe was 15. When this babe was 17 she ran a credit card fraud ring. Now she’s an adult and still hasn’t grown up. She’s gotten into some more bother with the law. The ungrateful bimbo gave me attitude from the second I came to visit her. This babe was merely interested in being bailed out so I brought in a bail bondsman to assist out. I should have asked for references first ‘coz this petticoat chaser offered to have sex with her in exchange for helping her receive freed. I had to intervene but Alexia took him up on the offer but making me look at was the topmost knife through the heart. I sitting in her cell as that babe sucked his ding-dong during the time that I glanced at my check out in hopes that this would all be over ASAP. She did not even have the courtesy or common sense to have him use a fucking-rubber as they used that bunk couch as their own little fuck station. The pop shot this chab gave her said me it was over but it signaled the start of years of therapy for myself.
Alexia Skye Alexia Skye
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