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Alex Tifany – Lewd Lips

Lustful Lips

Lewd Lips

Alex, what’s up with the hawt lingerie?
“I like fancy underwear like Victoria’s Secret. It is nice-looking, and it makes me feel sexy. I want I could just walk around in my lingerie, but I don’t think that would go over also well. My Mama and I are about the same size so I used to steal her lingerie, but now I’ve got my own. My only complaint is that knickers don’t always contain my bigger in size than standard pussy lips.”

Yours are beautiful bigger in size than typical, and that is hawt. Do u ever spread them for males?
“I spread them for boys and girls! I’m bisex. I adore it when a person is eating me out and my large vagina lips are all over their cheeks, soaking their whole face with my juice. Then when they come up to kiss me I can smell and taste myself on ’em, and it’s almost love I’m going down on myself. Having bigger than run of the mill lips has its benefits. I have been told by other gals that when they scissor with me my lips rubbing on their clit feels really worthwhile. It feels precious for me also coz I love my lips rubbed and played with.”

Do you adore bucks or girls more?
“I’m attracted to one as well as the other of ’em the same. With gals it is a raunchy thing–passionate touching, kissing and fellatio. With boyz, well, I wanna get drilled! They’re greater than standard and powerful and can pound me. My beloved is to be in a three-way so I can have the one and the other.”

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