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Adrianna – MMA Fucker

MMA Fucker

MMA Fucker

“My daddy put me in all of those intense training classes when I was just a kid,” Adrianna told us. “He charming much raised me as a boy. I took Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai training for years. I think this guy worried about my safety around boyz. He didn’t realize that as I got old, I started fooling around with all the chaps in my classes. It’s truly competitive and there aren’t tons of beauties. I was popular in advance of I started putting out, but now it’s with out control!”
“Getting on the mat with a boy you’ve been with is very strange. On one hand, my feminine instincts tell me to lose so he’ll feel more glamorous about himself. On the other hand, copulate that! I wanna kick butt! Fighting with your partner in a controlled way makes sex so much more outstanding. U learn how to read a guy’s body and eventually u can predict his moves and react to them. It can also acquire rough! That makes it hotter.”

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